Something very wrong is going on in Canada and Quebec. Medical authorities have been and are still covering up the true results of the 1999 McGill study. But while american MD's are relatively free to use the Oxyhealth portable chambers in the US, and abroad, Health Canada and the Quebec College of Physicians are harrassing therapists and parents who are using them with autistic children !

Now, let's see who is still gonna claim that hyperbarics doesn't work for children with Cerebral Palsy and Autism (among other things...) after reading this page:

Collet / FRSQ Case

Many more evidences (we mean a lot!) not listed here are only available at our french website. Very serious accusations can now be filed at the World Health Organisation and the United Nations for medical fraud and conspiracy to cover-up and suppress a very effective, safe, simple and affordable therapy.

Health Canada is flat out LYING to the population ! Click here for the analysis of their webpage.

This country has been hijacked by the Banksters and Big Pharma.

Its time to end the Mind Control psychological operation.

We need Oxygen in our brains! Thank you.

December 2007
Publication of the best article ever in the AAPS Journal:

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy in the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy : A Review and Comparison to Currently Accepted Therapies

Articles, videos and audio interviews about autism and hyperbaric therapy

December 18, 2006

Autism and hyperbaric therapy - A crisis to resolve

To the Prime Minister of Canada
The right honorable Mr. Stephen Harper

And the ridiculous response from Tony Clement... who is definitely not the

Articles and studies on Cerebral Palsy

The Georgia court judgement rules in favor of Medicaid reimbursment on august 9 2006

when Dr. Pierre Marois, Dr. Paul Harch and Dr. Michael Uszler presented the facts in their june testimonies:

Dr. Paul Harch Testimony

Dr. Paul Harch Cross exam

Dr. Michael j, Uszler Testimony

Dr. Michael J. Uszler Cross exam

Dr. Pierre Marois Testimony

Dr. Pierre Marois Cross exam

Results of the 1999 McGill hyperbaric study . for children with cerebral palsy. published in the Lancet in 2001

Evidence of medical fraud by leading governmental research agency in Quebec !

September 8, 2006
''More UHMS BS'' by David Freels

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August 23, 2006
''Re: 1999 UHMS Ethics Task Force report''

Dr Collet and his FRSQ superiors, as well as the Quebec College of Physicians, knew before the beginning of the McGill study initiated by Dr Marois, that 1.3 ATA with ambient air is not a placebo... because Wayne Evans from the UHMS, but also Toronto General Hospital hyperbaric unit director, was on Dr Collet's so-called scientific committee !

Read the transcripts from a private interview presented Dr Pierre Marois in july 2003 to hyperbaric specialists and MD's which exposes the troubling facts regarding the conduct of the study. A true international medical scandal ! Click here to read

Listen to the interview in MP3 audio file on Gmail
Type ''colletstudy'' in the username box and ''colletlied'' in the password box, and you will access the database. (30 x 7 Mb files)

Dr Marois testimony in his 28 pages report published in september 2000 : ''Comments on the report by the scientific advisory committee''

Re: 1999 UHMS Ethics Task Force report

October / November 2004
IHA Newsletter which exposes AACPDM opposition to hyperbaric therapy, which is the most influent organisations in the field of cerebral palsy in the USA !

Academia moves to preserve the status quo in the treatment of cerebral palsy
Pages 35-36

or also this page at the bottom :

January - February 2002
Hyperbaric Medicine Today - Vol 1 - Issue VI - Page 18
Article by Dr Kenneth Stoller which exposes the fraud

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