The Collet / FRSQ* case of medical fraud against hyperbaric therapy for children ...
(*Quebec Health Research Fund)

This new section has been created on october 4th 2006 following the discovery of the latest fraudulent article signed by Dr. Jean Paul Collet in the
UHMS Journal, the most important and influent professional organisation in the field of hyperbaric medicine in North America ! Dr Collet was already the hyperbaric ''public enemy #1'' since june 2000. Not only did he demonstrate once again his malevolent intentions and openly exposes his gross incompetence but he also confirms the fraud by repeating the same lies...

It is his lies and false conclusions (heavily endorsed by the FRSQ, the Quebec College of Physicians, Health Canada, and more recently by the Quebec health minister Dr. Philippe Couillard) about the Quebec study which were the argument used to prevent hyperbaric treatments coverage by the ''illness insurance of Quebec, the Canadian Health insurance systems and the US Medicaid. This fierce opposition therefore prevents all children affected by cerebral palsy from free access to this unequalled medical therapy !
The Georgia court judgement ruled in favor of Medicaid reimbursment on
august 9 2006 when Dr. Pierre Marois, Dr. Paul Harch and Dr. Michael Uszler presented the facts in their june testimonies:

Dr. Paul Harch Testimony

Dr. Paul Harch Cross exam

Dr. Michael j, Uszler Testimony

Dr. Michael J. Uszler Cross exam

Dr. Pierre Marois Testimony

Dr. Pierre Marois Cross exam

September 2006 !

Surprise of the year : In an ultimate and desperate attempt, Dr Jean-Paul Collet published a new fraudulent article in the UHMS Journal ! He goes on to repeat once again that the results of the McGill study showed that hyperbaric therapy has nothing to do with the improvements experienced by children with cerebral palsy:

The article: ''Side effects of HBOT in children with Cerebral Palsy''

Answer from Dr Pierre Marois and Dr Michel Vanasse to the false informations presented by Jean-Paul Collet :
Letter to the editor on: Side effects of Hyperbaric Treatment in children with Cerebral Palsy''

September 8, 2006

''More UHMS BS'' by David Freels

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August 23, 2006

''Re: 1999 UHMS Ethics Task Force report''

Dr Collet and his FRSQ high ranked superiors, as well as the Quebec College of Physicians, knew before the beginning of the McGill study initiated by Dr Marois, that 1.3 ATA with ambient air is not a placebo... because Wayne Evans from the UHMS, but also Toronto General Hospital hyperbaric unit director, was on Dr Collet's so-called scientific committee !

Considering all the proofs against Dr Jean-Paul Collet, we request his immediate destitution as principal investigator in the 1999-2000 McGill study ! His work is a shame that prevented hundreds of thousands of sick children from having access to hyperbaric therapy.

Dr Jean Paul Collet

And his latest look

His mindset is revealed in his famous presentation on may 2nd, 2003 in Quebec City (Click here for the transcripts)

(8 min 10s) - ''... and the hyperbaric center is in fact is not a good practice because there was no regulation, and I wanted to prevent them to practice.''
Jean-Paul Collet, May 2nd 2003

Oh really ?? So you are opposed to hyperbaric therapy and some clowns have put you in charge of a study to evaluate its efficacy ? Do we really need to comment ?

=> New :

Read the transcriptions from a private interview presented Dr Pierre Marois in july 2003 to hyperbaric specialists and MD's which exposes the troubling facts regarding the conduct of the study. A true international medical scandal ! Click here to read

Listen to the interview in MP3 audio file on Gmail
Type ''colletstudy'' in the username box and ''colletlied'' in the password box, and you will access the database. (30 x 7 Mb files)

Dr Marois testimony in his 28 pages report published in september 2000 : ''Comments on the report by the scientific advisory committee''

Dr Collet's collusion with the UHMS is also exposed here :
Re: 1999 UHMS Ethics Task Force report

October / November 2004
IHA Newsletter which exposes AACPDM opposition to hyperbaric therapy, which is the most influent organisations in the field of cerebral palsy in the USA ! There is still references made to Jean-Paul Collet fraudulent conclusions...

Same thing in the issue of Hyperbaric Medicine Today
Academia moves to preserve the status quo in the treatment of cerebral palsy
Pages 35-36

or also this page at the bottom :

January - February 2002
Hyperbaric Medicine Today - Vol 1 - Issue VI - Page 18
Article by Dr Kenneth Stoller which exposes the fraud

(Click on the image to read article)

=> Troubling Fact:

We are discovering another study published by Dr Collet in 2006 which really shows his specialty: Pills, and not the least ones ! He has no more credibility anymore to present himself as a hyperbaric researcher:

March 27 2006
Antidepressants May Fight Colorectal Cancer

March 30 2006
Depression drugs may fight cancer

But it is evident that Dr Collet is not operating on his own, and that his superiors at FRSQ are involved...

It is important to note the following in the ''Acknowledgments'' section of the fraudulent article ''Side effects of HBOT in children with Cerebral Palsy'':

''Thanks are due to Fond de la recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ) for its support.''

Oh really ? So that everybody knows for sure now that they are involved in the cover-up ? Yes, thank you indeed !

May 27 2000
Hyperbaric chamber: deceiving results (in french)

Video presented on Radio-Canada which exposes Dr Michel A. Bureau point of view at the time he was President for the ''Quebec Health Research Fund'' (FRSQ) !

He is now assistant minister at the Ministry of Health and general manager of health services and university medicine...

Dr Michel Bureau was the so-called specialist who told M. David Cliche what to say in the audiences of may 3 2001 at the Quebec Parliement. Pure disinformation.

His Curriculum here

January 3, 2005
Three articles published in ''Le Soleil'' which exposes the efficacy of hyperbaric therapy as well as the details of the fraud :

(Click on the image to read)

January 10, 2005
Hope and science ??

Shocking confrontation in french during the Radio-Canada evening news between Dr Pierre Marois and Dr Alain Beaudet, now president of the ''Quebec Health Research Fund'' (FRSQ) but director in 2000.