In collaboration with the International Hyperbarics Association, ACAM is offering a one-day Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) course. HBOT involves the use of increased oxygen and pressure to deliver more oxygen into body fluids and tissues. New research also demonstrates that HBOT decreases inflammation, which is opening up novel treatments. Hands-on experience in operating HBOT chambers will be provided.


Mechanisms of HBOT
Mitochondrial Disorders
Neurological Protocols
Spect Imaging
Brain Repair
Cancer Interventions
Stroke Recovery
Case Studies


Guiseppena Feingold MD
Michael Uszler MD
Efrain Olszewer MD
Kenneth Stoller MD
Dan Rossignol MD
Jeff Bradstreet MD
Jim Neubrander MD
Frank Morales MD
Joseph Rich MD
Jose Diaz Barboza MD

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International Hyperbarics Association
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